About Us

The mission of the Miller Park Zoological Society is to function as a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Miller Park Zoo and its rich history through fundraising, education and community outreach.

Meet our Board of Directors

  • Tom Carroll, President
  • Amelia Buragas, Vice President
  • Cat Woods, Secretary
  • Katie Klein,Treasurer
  • Peggy Hundley
  • Deanna Frautschi
  • Ben Jeffreys
  • Dick Meads
  • Ed Neaves
  • Shannon Owen
  • Richard Percy
  • Cathy Wentworth

Meet our Advisory Board

  • Melissa Alcorn
  • Stan Bauer
  • Kevin Birlingmair
  • Lea Cline
  • Catherine Crockett
  • Marlene Dietz
  • Bob Dobski
  • Bev Edwards
  • Sue Farrell-Stroyon
  • Linda Garbe
  • Marcia Hammerstrand
  • Jonell Kehias
  • Jean Lawyer
  • Ray Olson
  • Joni Painter
  • Sandeepa Sangras
  • Kathy Sawyer
  • Karen Schmidt
  • Sally Zuhn

For additional information about the Miller Park Zoological Society, including volunteer opportunities, tax-deductible giving, honor and memorial gifts, planned giving, corporate business sponsorship, and fundraising events contact:

Paula Pratt, Development Director
(309) 434-2243