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The mission of the Miller Park Zoological Society is to function as a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the Miller Park Zoo and its rich history through fundraising, education and community outreach.

Meet our Board of Directors

Peggy Hundley, President

Mikel Petro, Vice President

Amelia Buragas, Secretary

Ray Olson,Treasurer

Kevin Birlingmair

Tom Carroll

Steve Dobski

Deanna Frautschi

Ben Jeffreys

Katie Klein

R.C. McBride

Dick Meads

Ed Neaves

Shannon Owen

Zach Parcell

Cat Woods

A.J. Zimmerman

Meet our Advisory Board

Melissa Alcorn

Stan Bauer

Lea Cline

Marlene Dietz

Bob Dobski

Bev Edwards

Linda Garbe

Marcia Hammerstrand

Roger Hunt

Alexis Kalish


Jonell Kehias

Jean Lawyer

Sandeepa Sangras

Kathy Sawyer

Karen Schmidt

Sue Farrell-Stroyan

Jon Voegele

Cathy Wentworth

Sally Zuhn

For additional information about the Miller Park Zoological Society, including volunteer opportunities, tax-deductible giving, honor and memorial gifts, planned giving, corporate business sponsorship, and fundraising events contact:

Paula Pratt, Development Director
(309) 434-2243