Flapjacks and Flamingos


Ever since the Flamingo exhibit opened in June of 2016, greater flamingos have been greeting guests as they enter the zoo. On Saturday July 15 of this year, Silvia Schuh, Events/Volunteer Coordinator turned the tables and made it possible for fifty-seven guests to greet the flamingos as they burst from their overnight digs to have breakfast.


The ten females and ten males burst out every morning. They do not walk. They do not amble. They do not scurry. They burst as if they are about to take off. It is the same every morning. The flamingo pellets that keepers serve for breakfast must be very tasty.


Keeper, Julia Eley gave a short talk about the birds explaining feather colors, sleeping habits, and variation in size.


As for the guests’ breakfast, they were served pink flapjacks with sprinkles and whipped cream, fruit, and bacon.


Many of the guests were frequent visitors. One family brought their two sons, a 7-weeks old and his two-year-old brother. The older brother has been asking to go to the zoo since he was a year and a half old. He especially likes to go in bad weather. He has figured out that there are fewer people when the weather is bad, and he can have the animals all to himself.


The event could have been called Flamingos, Flapjacks, and Fashion. Many guests were decked out in flamingo fashion.


After breakfast, guests took early morning rides on the carousel and visited with the other animals.


The event was such a success Silvia is considering repeating it. The number of tickets is limited. So, watch for early announcements!