What’s in a Name?

Three baby mulefoot hogs, one looking at the camera

On May 30, a litter of Mulefoot Hogs were born at Coop’s Mound Mulefoots in Carlinville, Illinois. From that litter, one male was chosen to make the two-hour drive to his new home at Miller Park Zoo. The Zoo has big plans for this little hog, and the fun starts with an exciting contest. About…

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The Flamboyance is Back!

Close up of a flamingo at Miller Park Zoo

The first animal guests usually see when they enter Miller Park Zoo is a group of flamingos. Often referred to as a flock, the official name for a group of flamingos is a flamboyance. These flamingos, along with all other birds at the Zoo, have been in quarantine to avoid any chance of exposure to…

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